Richland VFD Update
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Some members of the Richland Township Fire Department say they feel betrayed after police charge a former Assistant Chief with stealing money from them.  We told you yesterday of the charges against Jason Ober.  Today his former department is speaking out.  The President of the Richland Fire Department is speaking out one day after Jason Ober, a former Assistant Chief and Business Manager, was charged with stealing more than $12,000 from the department.  Meyers says Ober sold the department a truck in 2007 and for that he was written a check from the general fund.  But then they say he wrote another similar check from their relief assistance fund.  Meyers says the discrepancies were never found because both funds were always audited separately.  Meyers says Ober cut ties with the department about two years ago but still he says they were betrayed by one of their own and that is why they have already put checks in place to ensure it never happens again.  Meyers says he is already met with the department to discuss what happened and let them know the actions of one man will not bring them down.