Homicide Suspect Found Dead In Cell
Aaron Dishong, the man accused of starting a fire that claimed the life of a three year old boy, was found dead in his jail cell.  Aaron Dishong's Defense Attorney, Tom Dickey, was shocked to hear the news of his client's death.  Blair County Prison Warden Michael Johnston said Dishong had been on suicide watch specifically level two of a three scale tier where he was checked on every fifteen minutes.  But when they went around shortly after six am on Friday they say they discovered he had hanged himself.  Dishong had been in court just two days ago for his preliminary hearing where he listened to emotional testimony from Darrel Etchison's mother and a woman who said Dishong had admitted to her he set the fire.  Now that Dishong is no longer around the case come to an end but not for the Etchisons, something both sides understand.