Clearfield Shooting
A Clearfield County woman charged with shooting her nurse in the head.  Police say she admitted to the shooting and said she was sorry.  The victim actually drove herself to a neighbor's house.  Neighbors living along Morgan Run Road are not used to too much going on in this area.  It is rural, it is quiet and most of the neighbors are friends but last night they say the unexpected happened.  Tuhshawna Woods is referring to her sixty nine year old neighbor, Marlene Kejora.  According to a criminal complaint Kenjora and her home care nurse Erin Schaeffer got into an argument over medications.  The victim told police that Kenjora became beligerant and described her behavior as arate so she called a mobile crisis line.  According to the complaint while she was on the phone Kenjora shot her in the head with a twenty two caliber handgun.  Police say the victim drove to a home down the road for help.  Police say the victim was rushed into emergency surgery according to the criminal complaint when Kenjora was arrested she admitted to shooting her nurse.  In the complaint she says quote "I am sorry I shot her but I snapped."  She then said "I did not mean to hurt her I just snapped."