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129th Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association Convention

After being canceled on account of the pandemic last year the 129th Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association Convention kicked off this Afternoon.

Dylan Huberman stopped by the Shawnee Valley Picnic Grounds this morning while preparations were underway.

The Convention is known for it’s camaraderie and laid back atmosphere.

It’s the third time the event has made it’s way to Bedford county, and first since Saxton was home in 2015.

The event continues to provide a positive environment for some of the region’s dedicated first responders who will come from more than two dozen counties

“But yeah, we’re excited to have the community involved and the firemen, and there’s just so much camaraderie that goes on…you know, I’ve seen it here in the day and a half already that, uh, firemen have been rolling in, they keep, they come over and they say ‘hey, you know, can we help you do something? Can we help you do something?’ And it goes on all day, it’s just, it’s really nice to see.”

For those who live their lives constantly on call, this convention is refreshing.

“Everybody gets out, gets, uh, some free time. You know, we run 365, 24/7, it’s just a…like, take a break, take a break and have some fun with your old friends.”

Not seeing this extended family last year on account of cancellation made this convention more anticipated than normal.

“And the friendship that you make over the years, it’s unbelievable, you look forward to seeing everybody from, you know, year-to-year, it’s just like (a) big family reunion is what it amounts to.

And there will certainly be a lot of friends for everyone to catch up with.

“Normally for a convention, you get around 700 delegates and then families and everything else, so we’re probably looking tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday at roughly a thousand (people).”

The festivities will run through Saturday evening.

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