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13 Yr Old Raises Money

When 13 year old Connor McAllister’s father was taken to the hospital, he said he had to find a way to help his family out. That’s when he said he started to do community projects throughout DuBois.

“I noticed our family needed help and I was thinking of ways to help,” said Connor McAllister.

That realization setting in for 13 year old Connor McAllister when his father spent days at the hospital.

“I was at a local football game where I had a singular episode and passed out, it was unusual for me. When I was in the hospital they found other issues so I was in the hospital a good 4 to 5 days,” said David McAllister, Connor’s dad.

That’s when Connor said he decided to do community projects to raise money for his dad’s medical bills.

“I was actually shocked at first, shocked in a way where it brought tears to my eyes,” said David McAllister.

“I cleaned out driveways, I washed windows, I mowed people’s grass of course shoveled dirt,” said Connor.

In the four days of working, Connor said he raised $300.

Thankfully his father is in great health now but Connor said he wants to continue to raise money to help out his community.”

“It would be good if I could just raise as much money as I could and there wouldn’t be a set limit to it. Just helping out as much as I can around the community,” he said.

Connor said he hopes to keep the money he earns locally and donate to a charity.

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