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2020 Cencus Concerns

The results of last year’s Nationwide population count the Census were recently released and in some areas officials say the numbers don’t look right.

We hear a lot now about a recount of votes how about recounting people. The results of last years census raising questions in various communities, including here in State College, and Centre County

“We’ve been hearing from communities about a decrease in population, for instance State College Borough. we know they didn’t decrease in population over those ten years”

The 2020 Census results under fire and now officials are exploring the idea of a recount. Centre County one of the few counties in the region where the population figure did increase, but not as much as expected. It’s another issue with a pandemic impact. During the count last year, many Penn State students were out of town. They’re part of the borough’s and county population number.

Plus door to door visits by Census workers, gathering information were restricted. County officials now saying they’re awaiting more info from the Census Bureau

“So there is a process to get an adjusted takes several years. its not like they go out in the fall here,and we’ll have new numbers in the spring of 2022. they’re going to provide more
information in the fall.”

The population numbers have a significant impact on the amount of state and federal funding that’s provided to communities for an array of programs,

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