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2021 Election Laws

Are there going to be major changes in Pennsylvania’s election laws when we go to vote in the November general election?

New legislative proposals on voting are now on the table but they could face an uphill battle in Harrisburg.

Until mail in voting was approved in 2019 it had been decades since there were significant changes in Pennsylvania’s election laws

“I think problems we had in the primary make people uncomfortable again. I think an overhaul is warranted in getting things smoother and accurate”

This week,the state house committee unveils whats termed the voting rights protection act. Among the proposed changes early in person voting,pre canvassing of mail in ballots, more
funding for county election departments-and the most controversial voter ID

“Voter id is a logical way that we’ve heard from a lot of other state that we can personally identify voters”

But the governor, and most Democrats, remain opposed to a voter id requirement

“The problem is what they’re calling security is really voter suppression. its voter suppression in a very partisan way,its very selective in who they’re trying to keep away from the

Delays from that disagreement alone, along with other possible complications could impact implementing election changes by November

“The sooner the better.having gone through elections,in 2008 we changes voting systems the summer of the presidential election.that really creates a lot of uncertainty in regards to the
training and administration of the elections”

The first vote in the state legislature on the election bill, could come as early as next week.

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