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2021 Flu Vaccine

Pennsylvania avoided a covid surge and a bad flu season last year.

But doctors say there are warning signs we won’t be so lucky with this year’s flu season.

In an average year, Pennsylvania reports 131 thousand flu cases.

Last year that total was less than 4000.

That’s all thanks to masking and social distancing brought on by protecting against COVID-19

This year state health leaders say it doesn’t look like we will repeat that as a resurgence of other respiratory virus does not bode well for the flu season ahead.

That’s not only because people are letting their guards down from covid protections but also because doctor’s say we weren’t as exposed to the flu virus therefore we didn’t build up immunity making us way more susceptible to getting sick.

“Healthcare workers across the region, state, and nation have been working tirelessly for over 18 months battling the COVID-19 pandemic and these predictive models are concerning. ”

The CDC and state health leaders recommend getting your flu shot before the end of October before the typical peak of flu cases in December.

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