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2021 Virtual THON

The Bryce Jordan Center on February 19th, 20th, and 21st will not include thousands of students taking the floor for one cause.

The 46 hour dance marathon is now a 46 hour livestream.

Because like many things this year, THON 2021 is going virtual.

“If there were one word for THON 2021 it would be resilience.”

This year dancers, who are usually on their feet for the full weekend event, will not tackle this stretch for safety reasons.

“They will be wither splitting time with a partner or splitting up time another way in a group of dancers, because they will not have access to the same EMS and safety services that the Bryce Jordan center would have.”

But organizers say it will be just as engaging and successful as usual.

“These people are not accustomed to taking the easy way out. Were confident that they’re in for the hard work.”

But organizers say the bond between volunteers and the four diamond families are stronger than ever.

“The students that already give so much to THON now are continuing to give everything that they have in a time when things are uncertain”

Uncertain times call for extraordinary measures, and organizers say it is all worth it.

“This livestream is going to bring people together from everywhere and although you might not be able to sit next to someone you will still be connected.”

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