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2022 Pa. Trout Season

Great day to get outside Today.

And with Pennsylvania’s Trout Fishing Season opening soon millions of trout are now being added, at numerous state waterway sites.

Centre County, Pa Fish and Boat Commission Trout Programs even during the pandemic fishing still a favorite activity in the Keystone State

“People ask me how how was fishing in 2021,during covid. it was off the charts.I’m happy to report were near 920 thousand licensed anglers in Pennsylvania”

Thats Timothy Shaeffer, the Executive Director of Pennsylvania’s Fish and Boat Commission, during a recent legislative hearing. On this first full day of Spring, we caught up to commission employees along with volunteers, stocking the waters at the Seven Mountains Scout Camp in Centre County

3.2 million trout being stocked in Pennsylvania this season, and this year,its a return to a single opening day for fishing season statewide

“It’s going to be the first Saturday in April, easy to remember, you don’t have to wonder whats the opening in different counties.the best part is it will extend trout fishing season in Pennsylvania, so it will be April 2nd.”

Also continuing, the commission’s educational program for school kids that begins with fish eggs delivered to classrooms

“We just sent out eggs from our Centre Region offices where we ship the eggs out to the school and the teachers raise them as part of their curriculum throughout the school year.
they can get their credit they need as teachers, its a nice slick package, so trout in the classroom is a lot of fun”

Also for the younger set, this Saturday, March 26th is the commission’s annual mentored youth trout fishing day.


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