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3/20 Coalition Protest

Organizers with the 3/20 Coalition, the Penn State Black Caucus and the Black Student Athletes organization are planning on hosting multiple “Justice for Breonna Taylor” events this weekend in State College.

Organizers say on Friday, at 8 p.m., a candlelight vigil will be held at the MLK Plaza.

Then on Saturday, beginning at noon, there will be a protest and march through State College, which will start at the Allen Street Gates near Penn State’s campus.

Black Student Athletes’ Audra Koopman says that “this [vigil] is dedicated to honoring and remembering Breonna Taylor’s life while also uplifting and listening to the unheard voices of Black women in our community.”

The president of Black Caucus, Nyla Holland, adds that “our three organizations not only recognize the need for our community to come together to honor Breonna’s life, but also the ever-imperative duty to challenge authority and demand justice by any means necessary. We encourage all those who believe the same to come out and support these actions.”

“The sole indictment of Brett Hankinson for wanton endangerment is not enough to compensate for the unjustified death of Breonna Taylor in her own home. We demand justice by holding each officer accountable for their actions that night that led to her death and her fiance’s arrest,” says Koopman.

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