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3g Cell Service Ending

Carriers will retire their 3G service this year with some, like AT&T, ending by next month. State police and the Emergency Management Agency held a press conference about it today to emphasize the need for people to upgrade their devices.

Many people have already not used 3G devices for a long time, but PEMA Deputy 4911 Jeff Boyle says some folks who are worse off economically rely on the service given by charities to make emergency calls.

“So that means if these people do not upgrade to a device on a newer network, they may have a harder time with 911 users of these type of 911 only phones may not be notified and should check with the organization that provided the phone about their options. Also, low income individuals concerned that their 911 only phone may no longer be supported should consider applying for support through the FCC’s Lifeline program.”

For details about your device or plan, PEMA says to contact your carrier.

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