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4th of July Weekend Travel Boom

The number of people traveling through Airports hit a Pandemic-Era record on Friday. More than 2.1 Million people were screened by TSA as people are on the move for the 4th of July weekend.

By now most Americans who planned to travel this Holiday weekend may have already braved the Fourth of July frenzy on the roads or at some of the Nation’s Airports, many of which seemed to be bursting at the seams on Friday.

AAA expecting nearly 48-Million people will have traveled either by road or air by the time the Fourth of July weekend comes to a close. Most of them – some 43-Million – opted to drive to and from their destinations, according to Andrew Gross from AAA. Gross saying: “The biggest difference will probably be people traveling by car. They’re a number of factor figuring into that – international travel is still down. Cruising has not yet picked back up yet. And people may generally feel a little more comfortable trailing by car. You can decide when you are going to leave. Where you’re going to stop. And maybe not everybody in the family is vaccinated yet.”

Gross expects rising fuel prices likely aren’t keeping most families from a long overdue post-pandemic getaway. It won’t be cheap though with the cost of a gallon of gas averaging $3.12 nationally – the highest in seven years. Experts say not only is Summer demand to blame, but a shortage of Fuel Truck Drivers that has left some Service Stations empty.

Flying this weekend? You’ll want to adhere to your Air Crew’s instructions or face paying some hefty fines. The Federal Aviation Administration has received over 3,000 reports of unruly passengers this year alone. A majority of incidents related to non-compliance of the Federal Mandate requiring mask wearing on flights. Hoping to address people who don’t listen to Crew instructions, the Agency rolled out a video message for those who should know better.

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