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5 Generations of Physicians

Sunday was a time to celebrate the Fathers and Father Figures in our lives. For one family in Cambria County, that means passing down a love for Medicine. This Father’s Day, we spoke with a family that has Five Generations of Physicians that have all practiced at Conemaugh Memorial in Johnstown with a long line of helping their community.

For Doctor William Carney, a General and Trauma Surgeon in Johnstown, Father’s Day means looking at the role models who came before him. Dr. Carney Saying: “They obviously cared very much for the people in the town. That’s the one thing I try and relay in my career as well.”

There are Five Generations of Physicians in his family. It all started with his Great Grandfather, William Wallace Hoffman — a General Surgeon graduating Medical School in 1896. Then, his Grandfather Francis Carney graduated Med School in 1928. And then his father Frank Carney graduated in 1958 and became a Urologist in town.

Doctor Carney graduated Med School in 1988, saying his career choice came from inspiration and passion. Dr. Carney saying: “We never really talked about medicine at home. It was never a push that someone had to go into medicine.” And now his son Bradley Carney just accepted a Residency position at Conemaugh. That makes Five Generations of Physicians all staying in Johnstown for their Careers.

Many other Aunts, Uncles, Daughters, Sons, Brothers, and Sisters throughout the Family are in Medicine as well, contributing to a long-line of helping others. Dr. Carney adding: “I’m proud of all my kids. But it is nice, I’ll get phone calls from young Brad here shortly when he’s working. I’ll think back about my dad when I had to do that. So, it’ll be good.”

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