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$7.1 Million in Cares Act Funding

Today the state awarded Clearfield County with $7.1 million in CARES ACT funding to help local businesses affected by the pandemic.

According to the Clearfield County Commissioners, they hope this will ease the burden of this pandemic on the county.

Clearfield County Commissioner John Sobel said this money will go toward small businesses, non profits and municipalities impacted by the pandemic.

He said this money cannot be used for previously budgeted expenses and it has to be used by the end of the year.

Commissioner Dave Glass said they are going to prioritize those who didn’t get a PPE loan or other assistance from the state.

Currently, he said they’re in the process of building an online application for this COVID relief grant.

While all the details aren’t finalized yet in terms of how this money will be distributed, the commissioners plan to keep the community informed.

“If we’re able to help these organizations make it until the end of the pandemic then they’re able to come back and I think that’s a very important objective for us as Clearfield County commissioners,” said Sobel.

The commissioners said they’ll have more information on how to apply for this grant later this week.

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