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70th Wedding Anniversary

One Cambria County couple is hitting the milestone of their 70th anniversary this week.

Leroy and Phyllis Howard of the Johnstown area now 91 and 89 years old respectively got married at 21 and 19.

Phyllis says they met when she was about 12 years old while playing on the playground.

A few years later they ran away and got married without telling their parents before Leroy went into the service.

Leroy and Phyllis have one son and credit their strong bond for keeping them together.

“We’ve been together ever since, and now, it’s 70 years. Plus, the four years that we dated.”

“I love her more today than I did the day I married her. ‘Yes I do too.’ We are partners.

They advise young couples to go to church together and to never go to bed angry

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