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9/11 Fire Chief Needs Help

The front lines of the September 11th attacks when Flight 93 went down in Shanksville now needs the community’s help for his own life. Our photographer, Steve Toma, has the story for us.

“Terry was listed for a heart in November, and so that was the welcome news that our entire family was looking for.”

“Right before Thanksgiving, the doctors had recommended him for a heart transplant, so getting listed was part of this battle.” “And so now that we’re at this point, our family’s hoping there’s a match. one of the things our family has learned through this process is that the typical transplant costs about $1,000,000 and some of that’s covered through your insurance.”

“However, there are a number of things that oftentimes aren’t picked up in terms of some of the hospital visits. Some of the follow ups in particular, are some of the anti-rejection medications that you are on, either for the first year after the procedure or sometimes for life.”

“You know, as firemen, when they’re when the whistle blows or somebody needs help, our pager goes off, you know, and we spring into action to go help people. And at this point, Terry and his family need our help.”

“So the whistles blowing for the community to step up if they can and and help them help the family out. He wouldn’t ask his community for help, but I’m here asking the community for help for him. You know, there’s been a number of family events where he’s dropped everything to go out the door.”

“When somebody is in need for or is having a bad day or needs some help. And this is an opportunity we thought we could ask if people would be willing to reciprocate this time for him.”

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