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A.A.S.D. Cyber Attack Update

We received an update on what officials are calling a “cyber security incident” at Altoona Area School District.

A.A.S.D. Superintendent Dr. Charles Prijatelj said this morning that back in early December of last year the school had an attack on their “routing server” after which they started working with a high-end security software on all of the district servers.

However, this week district administration was contacted by employees saying they had been informed by their credit monitoring services that their social security numbers or medical identification numbers were found on fraudulent trading websites on the dark web.

The hackers posted on a dark website 10 gigabytes of information that also included students’ birth dates and addresses, which were already public information.

A cyber security company working with the school district confirmed the information was available on the dark website, but didn’t say the information had been used.

Dr. Prijatelj said of the cyber security incident that the district, “Probably had three or four from one elementary school, and then we had a larger number from the high school. We made parents aware of the breach. We made them aware of the security measures we’ve taken. We made them aware of the fact that their data is secure and they can safely use our system.”

He says the district will be providing employees with “up to” two free years of data security and protection coverage as well as giving out new medical identification cards to their staff.

According to Dr. Prijatelj, the district’s next steps are finishing data mining and notifying people who may be impacted.

The superintendent is also reminding people to enable two factor authentication and protect their data.

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