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A.G. Shapiro Visits Clearfield County

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro was in Clearfield County Tuesday joining law enforcement and drug counselors to introduce a new drug rehabilitation program there.

“My journey began on November 1st, 2012, which just so happened to be the very same day my husband was arrested on federal drug charges,” said Leah Bregman.

Leah has now been sober for more than 8 years and probably never imagined she’d be telling her story with the state attorney general and law enforcement nearby.

They brought the law enforcement treatment initiatives- the LETI Program to Clearfield County.

It provides a path for trained police personnel to directly offer addicts resources for treatment.

It’s a chance to be rehabilitated instead of automatically being charged.

“By getting law enforcement,” explained AG Shapiro. “Trusted local law enforcement involved in the initial steps by referring someone into treatment, we’re also reducing the stigma of getting the help that you need.”

In rural areas, outreach and treatment can be challenging.

“Folks don’t always have the transportation, so this has helped to bridge that gap,” said Susan Ford with the Clearfield Jefferson Drug Coalition. “But also, we have dead zones in the county in terms of internet and cell service.”

As for Leah, she’s a success story. She’s now a certified recovery specialist.

“I have committed myself to help those that need it as it was me seeking those services,” Leah said. “I feel that not one single person is a lost cause.”

The LETI Program actually began in another county in our region: Somerset County about four years ago.

Since then, close to a dozen other counties have signed on.

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