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Aaron Ross Retrial Update

The retrial for the man convicted of murdering Tina Miller 16 years ago came to a close Tuesday as Paul Ross pleaded Nolo Contendere, or “no contest.”

Ross was convicted on the charges of third degree homicide, aggravated assault, sexual assault and unlawful restraint.

In his plea Tuesday, Ross did not admit guilt.

Monday marked the beginning of week three in the Paul Ross retrial as closing arguments wrapped up around 2 p.m. and the jury deliberated late into the evening.

Ross entered the “no contest” plea as the jury deliberated.

The court ultimately threw out the remaining three charges Ross faced, which were simple assault. false imprisonment and indecent assault.

The upheld conviction carries a sentence of 42 to 84 years in prison.

The judge determined Ross will get credit for time served.

He was first convicted in 2005.

Ross has waived all of his rights to appeal this conviction and this will be the end of his time in court regarding this case.

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