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Aaron Ross Trial Update

Today’s result left both the defense and prosecution satisfied, but special prosecutor Rich Consiglio says more evidence should have been allowed in.

“If all the stuff that would’ve, could’ve come in, would’ve come in, they’d have hung that guy in the courtroom. Its that simple.”

Former district attorney and special prosecutor Rich Consiglio was not happy that certain evidence offered by the commonwealth was deemed inadmissible. He said that it would’ve sped up the trial big time.

“There would be a conviction within minutes. The amount of stuff that we are not allowed to put before a jury is unbelievable and this case is just a perfect example of it.

He says while more did get in than didn’t, the justice system is noticeably flawed.

“But believe me a lot was not allowed in. Not because it was improperly taken but because of rules that sometimes in the criminal justice system just are not reasonable, and they don’t support victims.”

On the contrary, Ross’s defense attorney Thomas Dickey was satisfied with the outcome.

“Well, I think this is a good resolution for everybody. Uh, first and foremost, my client avoids the possibility of receiving a death penalty, uh in this case if convicted of first degree murder. Uh, he also would at least receive a sentence of life without parole, he avoids that, and third and maybe probably one of the most important things is it brings finality and closure, uh, finally to the victims family. This avoids any appeals, this case is done, so now after seventeen-plus years, uh I think the victim’s, uh family can, uh finally put this matter to rest.”

Although the jury didnt get a say, Consiglio is satisfied with putting Ross behind bars.

“An animal like that does not belong in society whatsoever, um, people like him have to be purged from society altogether. Its just that way.”

Atle Walter, the director of Blair County victim/witness, spoke on behalf of Miller’s parents, saying they are happy to see this saga come to an end.


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