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ABC Feel Good Friday

Binx the Miracle Cat who survived the Surfside condo collapse was re-united with his family in video released by Miami Dade Fire Rescue Saturday.

He belongs to the Gonzalez family, Angela Gonzalez and her 16-year-old daughter Devon had a miracle of their own, surviving a fall from the ninth floor to the fifth floor in the collapse they are both still hospitalized at Miami’s Jackson Memorial but were able to visit with Binx virtually through Facetime.

Angela’s other daughter was able to pick him up from the animal shelter it’s not known how Binx survived the disaster, but he was found near the site two weeks later.


A lot of tears were shed in China Sunday for a reunion two decades in the making, Guo Xinzhen was reunited with his parents 24 years after he was taken from them when he was just two years old police used DNA analysis and facial feature comparison technology to track Guo down. They also finally arrested two people for kidnapping Guo, trafficking him, and selling him back in 1997. Guo’s father spent years riding motorcycles all over China looking for him.

His journey inspired the 2015 movie Lost And Love. Guo’s father helped track down more than 100 other abducted children but it was police work that found his own son.



A community in Illinois turned out in spectacular fashion Wednesday to celebrate a World War Two veteran’s 100th birthday. For the vet, Robert Mueller, it was a total surprise. To honor him, they did a drive by honk parade and it featured way more than just cars.

There was also a police escort, a procession of vintage vehicles, fire trucks, and even tractors. All of them drove past Mueller’s home to pay tribute. He was also treated to a visit by friends and family coming from as far away as Missouri.

The event was organized by VFW Post 3553 in the city of Chester.


Basketball star Candace Parker is making history. She’s the first female cover athlete on the NBA2K video game. The Chicago Sky forward is a two time MVP and six time All-Star. Parker says this is an important moment of progress for the sport and the series.

The WNBA 25th anniversary special edition game is available for pre-order in the U.S. And Canada for 70 dollars. It is set to release on September 10th.


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