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ABC Feel Good Friday

It’s time for this week’s Feel Good Friday!

Two hikers were rescued from the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. After they became lost and ran out of food and water.

The man and woman began their hike on July 18th.

One of them became badly dehydrated and sunburned.

On Monday, the hikers were able to get cell phone service.

They contacted the local sheriff’s office for help.

They were stuck on a rock cliff and unable to go any further due to the steep terrain.

Search and rescue units found them the same day but due to the hikers exhaustion, dehydration, and medical condition, they were not able to be moved.

Rescuers gave them food and water and stayed with them through the night.

At daylight the next day, the Wyoming Air National Guard evacuated the hikers out.


A school in New Jersey is wiping out 5 million dollars in student debt.

Bergen Community College says it’s using pandemic relief funds to waive past due bills.

The money will help more than 2 thousand students enrolled since March of 2020.

“We’re here to promote student success, so the financial hold that prevents a student from being able to register that doesn’t help any students move toward graduation and realizing their goals and entering their career paths. If we can be a model for other colleges yes I hope they come along support their students the same way.”

The school says finances can be a barrier to education and it wants to promote success.


A Grammy Award Winning artist is footing the bill for a fine given to the Norwegian women’s handball team.

In a social media post Pink, wrote “The European handball federation should be fined for sexism, I’ll be happy to pay fines for you.”

Pink is showing her support after the team protested what they called a sexist dress code.

The team was fined a little under 18 hundred bucks for wearing shorts during one of their matches which goes against the rules.

According to the dress code it states female athletes must wear bikini bottoms with a close fit and cut.

They also received support from the Norway Handball Federation also agreeing to pay the fine.

The European Handball President has since announced the organization will reevaluate the dress code.


These two cuties are the talk of the town in Fort Worth, Texas right now.

The baby Giraffes are the newest addition to the Fort Worth Zoo and will live in the African Savanna Habitat.

According to zoo officials the male calf was born July first.

The female born 10 days later.

The Giraffes took their first steps on Friday!

In a social media post the zoo posted that they don’t have names yet, but stay tuned.


That wraps it up for this week’s Feel Good Friday.

Until next time, enjoy the sunshine, take a deep breath and remember to smile.

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