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ABC Feel Good Friday

It’s time for some feel good stories for this week’s Feel Good Friday.

First up there’s a project in Missouri spreading good vibes throughout a community.

It’s called Project Happiness LSMO and it was started 5 years ago by this woman.

“I honestly had no idea what it would turn into.”

Hundreds of signs with positive messages like these can be seen around the town.

And it’s not just Jennifer making them anymore but also neighbors and community members joining the wave of positivity.

“We need that now a days.”

“I just hope that I give them a little bit of encouragement to just get through the day.”

“I love just knowing that they’re impacting other people’s lives.”

They went from their original 37 happy signs to now over 1500 of them.

How sweet, good for them!


It’s all smiles for one very lucky New Yorker who woke up a multi-millionaire.

This pizza spot in Midtown Manhattan called Pronto Pizza sold the winning ticket ..

Worth an estimated 432 million dollars or 314.4 million if they take the cash option.

The Mega Millions ticket matched all 6 numbers drawn this week plus the Gold Mega Ball can you imagine that?

“I’m happy for him, especially in these pandemic times with the problems. A good time for him to get this money.”

Also on Tuesday someone in Connecticut won one million dollars.

A big congratulations to those winners!


Check this out.

Firefighters outside Saint Louis saved a dog named Rico from inside this 40 foot well.

The dog went for a stroll near a neighbor’s house and stumbled into the pit.

Now he’s free thanks to the local fire departments.


In the fight against climate change a new creation is hoping to help.

Scientists at Purdue University in Indiana created the world’s whitest paint.

Researchers say this paint can work like an air conditioner.

It was made to reflect 98 percent of sunlight which is more than it absorbs

And that makes the surface cooler than its surroundings.

Most paints currently on the market only reflect about 80 percent of sunlight and they get warmer instead of cooler.


That’s all for this week’s Feel Good Friday hope it made you smile heading into the weekend.

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