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ABC Feel Good Friday

Welcome to this week’s Feel Good Friday!

A 6th grader found her talent with baking during the pandemic. And now, she’s using her talents to help her fellow students.
Keena Schroeder has a cheesecake business called Bug’s Bakery, Bug is her nickname.
She and her dad started thinking of ways to use the money and she decided to take 5-dollars from the sale of each cheesecake and donating it to her school district’s Hunger Hero Campaign.

“He kind of brought up the hunger heroes, which is like, it’s a campaign to raise money for kids who can’t afford school lunches. And I thought that sounded really good, especially because it’s like food, and I make cheesecake.

Keena presented a check of 1-thousand dollars to the school board this week.

A Navy war veteran from Florida has a birthday story to tell for the rest of his life.
81-Year-old Wayne Foit figured he’d show his 78-year-old war buddy the sights in Volusia County and what better way than a peaceful canoe trip for a birthday gift.
But as the pair were heading back to the canoe site the tide suddenly picked up and swept them miles away.
At one point the canoe overturned, and the men were thrown into the water.
They managed to get back in, but the canoe was water logged.
Foit, who lost his leg in an accident 7 years ago suddenly had an idea.

“I took my prosthetic off and I used that as a bailing cup cuz we didn’t have nothing to bail with. ”

You had to bail the water out with your prosthetic.

“This one right there this one yea.”

They were stuck out on the water for more than 24 hours.
Police Chief, Tom Grimaldi, says the team finally found the two blocked by debris in a tributary.

“We were were able to use like a bedsheet to wrap them in and we carried them out that way. ”

“That was the best birthday present I ever had, seeing the police come? and the guys coming down the hill (laughs)”

Paramedics checked them out and other than a few bumps and bruises said they were fine.

Two chefs are hoping their new cookbook will help those who have lost their taste and smell due to the Coronavirus.
The book is called Taste and Flavor.
These two British cooks say they engineered their recipes to aid those with a missing or distorted sense of smell.
Their recipes, aim to stimulate a nerve which triggers sensations when eating.
Some of those foods include mint, wasabi and cinnamon.
In the recipes, they avoid foods like garlic, onions and even chocolate because to those missing a normal sense of smell those foods can taste awful.
You can get a free digital copy from Life Kitchen.

And speaking of taste Busch is offering 20-thousand dollars for your dog to drink beer.
Well, not exactly real beer but the brand’s special dog brew. A canine friendly alcohol free Bone Broth.
The company launched it last year and now wants to expand so they’re looking for an official Dog Brew Taster.
If your pup is picked he or she will become the new Chief Tasting Officer.
The gig comes with a 20-thousand dollar check, pet insurance and free Dog Brew.
To apply, post a picture of your dog on social media along with their qualifications and the hashtag Busch CTO Contest.

That’s all for this week’s Feel Good Friday.
Enjoy your weekend and remember to smile.


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