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ABC Feel Good Friday

Welcome to this week’s Feel Good Friday

When Superman flew in to save the day he flew arms first.
But when an Albanian man came to save the day, he chose to act feet first.

Check this out!
Klodian Elqeni has become a hero in Albania after he jumped feet first through the window of a moving car to stop a crazed driver from running over innocent bystanders.
Speaking after his heroics, Elqeni said he saw the vehicle targeting citizens and just acted jumping with both of his legs hitting the driver in the face with both of his feet while other people grabbed the driver.
Police told the media that the driver was under the influence of narcotics.
Luckily, thanks to the hero’s efforts, no one was injured.

Back in the states, many farmers are currently suffering from a worker shortage.
But, instead of letting this crop go to waste, Owyhee Produce invited people to pick their own asparagus. Thousands showed up to work in the fields for free food.
“We would like to say thank you to the farmers that are opening this up to the whole communities, posting it on Facebook. I’m sure everybody out here is really appreciative.”
The farm hopes this event will help people understand the work that goes into farming.

Now that many senior living communities are vaccinated and allowing visitors again one musician is back to tickling the ivories weekly for seniors.
Before the pandemic, Stan Stuckey used to play at one of the local senior living community’s every week.
This concert is his first concert in more than a year.

“Him coming back into the building reestablishes a norm that they were so used to for so long.”
“I’ve always wanted to come back and play for them. They’re so nice to me.”
His tunes get people off their feet. A year without music without waltzes is coming to an end. The entertainment Stuckey has brought back, residents say, is care for the soul.
“Music is all about leaving the people feeling a little better than they were when you first started playing.”

Our next story, is also bringing up some nostalgia.
Here’s a sneak peek of Legoland New York. It’s set to open this Summer. It’s got attractions like Bricktopia and the Lego Factory Adventure and themelands like Ninjago and Lego Castle.

Staying in New York, a Long Island train conductor was honored for his honesty.
Last week, Jonathan Yellowday found a bag on a train heading from Penn Station to Port Washington.
3-Dozen engagement rings were inside.
The jewelry was worth around 107-thousand dollars. But Yellowday didn’t take the bling and run.
He returned them to the manhattan jeweler who accidentally left the case behind during his commute home.
“It almost didn’t seem real, I was like, this can’t be what I think it is and then sure enough, oh wow, it really is, oh boy I got to get this back to the police ASAP.”
Yellowday says he’s seen many things left behind during his 7-years on the job, but this discovery was by far the most significant.

And I feel like no Feel Good Friday is complete without the showing of an adorable animal. This adorable pup, named Buttercup, is helping high school students in Douglas County, Colorado.
Buttercup is a 2-year-old, Golden Retriever Sheltie mix, therapy dog. She’s trained to help students, who might feel stress or anxiety.
And, gauging by the smiles of everyone around her, she’s doing a great job.

That wraps it up for this week’s Feel Good Friday.
Until next time, slow down, enjoy the little things in life and remember to smile.

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