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ABC Feel Good Friday

Two police officers in Mount Vernon, New York are being lauded for sensible policing this, after showing kindness to a homeless man accused of stealing socks from a Dollar Store. Officers Christopher Cartwright and Jason Velez have responded to a call on Saturday for one in progress at the Dollar Store on Fulton Avenue, took an unexpected turn body camera video capturing the encounter between the officers and a homeless man stealing socks. Officer Cartwright spent about 30 bucks of his own money to help out the homeless man just looking to keep his feet warm.

In Wisconsin where at Cudahy High School the students in Mr. Backus metal shop class made these little hearts. To show their appreciation for their teachers for all their hard work during what’s been challenging year.Mr. Backes is one of close to a hundred teachers at Cudahy High School who’s provided constant care and support when the only other constant has been change.

Across the pond Megan Markle will release a book based off a father’s day poem that she wrote for her husband Prince Harry. It is called The Bench, which explores the Father/Son relationship through the Mothers eyes.They have a 2 year old son named Archie and they are expecting a baby girl sometime this Summer, it will be released on June 8th

Speaking of royalty Prince William and his wife Catherine are launching a new Youtube channel. The couple made the official announcement on Instagram Wednesday. William and Kate posted a short video that includes them attending royal events and never before seen footage of their close relationship. The channel snagged 80-thousand followers in just a few hours. In one of the clips, Kate is teasing William about his attempt to speak Irish.The future King and Queen of England have also rebranded their Instagram account, changing it from At Kensington Royal to At Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Nearly 13-million people are following them there.

In Michigan the Detroit Zoo has debuted a new Joey! A baby Wallaby was born in October to first time mom Eloise. The zoo says the joey has been inside its mother’s pouch since birth. But now that it has a fine layer of fur. It is starting to venture out. Mom and baby live in the two acre Australian Outback adventure exhibit with two other Wallabies and 13 Red Kangaroos. The zoo says the gender of the Joey will be determined when he or she is a little older.

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