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ABC Feel Good Friday

In Mass, a teacher is bringing the music to the kids Todd Salpietro is the owner of TJ’s Music in Falls River. He lessons for kids 5 years old and up started to fade during the pandemic. But had recently began to increase he decided to create a music foundation within his store to help parents pay for music lessons.

“Seeing them up on stage and enjoying life theres really nothing more gratifying and thats why I do it.”

$360 Dollars provides 1 student a scholarship for three months and Salpierto says he will personally match each donation and he’s also giving away 10 thousand dollars worth of instruments for those who sign up for lessons in July.

After 50 years of cleaning up the Wisconsin a janitor is putting down his cleaning supplies but the students and staff at Dodgeville Elementary School couldn’t let him retire without a send off to remember a parade across the district and a special Mayoral Proclamation declaring June first as Ernie Leuthold Day in Dodgeville.

“I had a lot of sick days built up, but as long as the kids were here, I was going to be here.”
“He has a big smile, he’ll do anything for anybody, he has a heart of gold.”

Ernie’s last day is June 30th.

Staying in the Cheese State a woman is being called the fairy godmother of her town that’s because she gifts teen girls with prom gowns this started with a small collection when Judy Wolff saw a second life for her daughter’s discarded formal dresses many of the gowns are donated or Judy buys them herself she’s become a self taught dry cleaning whiz and an expert seamstress asking for just enough money to break even he’s even known to do alterations for free. She especially wants the girls to learn how to give back, so she is spending time teaching them to sew tiny gowns for stillborn babies, or premies, that don’t survive.

“I don’t want to get gratitude or anything, what I think is really nice is the photographers that come in and take pictures. They did that for my daughter. Took a lot of pictures of the baby and stuff too.”

Judy used to be a nurse aide in the school system until she was put on permanent disability in 2002. Working about four blocks from ground zero in 2001 she has been plauged by health problems after being a 9/11 volunteer and while she can’t earn a paycheck like she used to, judy calls the work she is doing worth it and says it has helped her navigate the peaks and valleys of PTSD.

The winner of this year’s Indianapolis 500 kept his promise to a couple of Indianapolis mega fans. Monday Hélio Castroneves visited Jameson and Kimmy Trazina at their home he first met the couple Saturday after they won a meet and greet with him for their home’s Indy 500 themed decorations. The four time 500 winner told the couple when Sunday’s race was over he would come back and celebrate with them if he won. 24 Hours after the race he was there

Castroneves said if he wins again next year, he’ll come back for another visit. Dancing is another major talent the Brazilian driver enjoys. He won season five of Dancing With The Stars.

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