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ABC Feel Good Friday

It’s time for this week’s Feel Good Friday!

When college senior Maya Nepos learned she had a 600-dollar credit from her unused meal plan money she decided to start buying snacks at the campus market to provide food to those in need.

Next, Nepos started creating care packages and personally delivering them to homeless people in Saint Louis, adding masks to protect them against covid.

With more than 330-thousand followers on Tiktok, the Washington University student began getting donations to create more and more care packages.

She says it goes to show how you can make a big difference in other people’s lives without spending a lot of money.


Our next story takes us to West Fargo, North Dakota.

During a recent game a high school referee collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

But thanks to the quick action from a just graduated high school senior and some nurses in the stands this ref will be able to call another game.

“From what I hear, he was a rock star. He was trying to head things up and uh.”

“It turned out great, couldn’t have asked for a better scenario I guess.”

Kevin the referee is recovering at Sanford.

He says he plans on personally contacting those who helped save his life to thank them.


Overseas it turns out even Vatican City has its own friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

A man dressed as the popular super hero shook hands with Pope Francis this week as he was part of the general audience inside San Damasco Courtyard.

If the Pope looks unfazed that’s because he’s already familiar with Mattia Villardita’s work.

The 28-year-old dresses up as Spidey to cheer up sick kids in hospitals.

“Villardita” gave the Pope a commemorative Spiderman mask of his own.

Then he says the Pontiff told him to take selfies with kids in the square.


Back here in the U.S. a baby who was born so premature he was given a zero percent chance of survival recently celebrated his first birthday.

Richard Scott William Hutchinson was born 5 months prematurely, weighing in at less than a pound.

At just 21 weeks gestation, the Guinness Book of Records has recognized him as the world’s most premature baby.

Richard was so small his parents could hold him in the palm of their hand.

After spending more than 6 months in the hospital, Richard was able to go home with his family just in time for Christmas.


And wrapping things up, New York is saying thank you to its essential workers with a new monument.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the Circle Of Heroes monument will have an eternal flame in memory of those who died from Coronavirus.

It will be located in Lower Manhattan.

19 Maple trees will surround it representing each category of essential worker.

The monument will be unveiled on Labor Day.

Cuomo also says New York is giving 25 million dollars in childcare scholarships for essential workers.


That wraps it up for this week’s Feel Good Friday.

Until next time, enjoy the sunshine, take a deep breath and remember to smile.

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