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ABC Feel Good Friday

Its time for Feel Good Friday a collection of stories that will hopefully help you end your work week on a high note.

Ya know some things you think are lost forever eventually make their way back to you.

That was the case for an 85 year old woman who lost her wallet at school back in the 1950s.

During some renovation work at a middle school building in Virginia a piece of history saw the light of day for the first time in 70 years.

A contractor discovered the wallet lost in the duct work.

A school officials say they were able to track down the wallet’s owner Ester Frenchnow living 500 miles away from her former school in Connecticut.

The funny thing was ester even remembered when her wallet went missing!

“There was a ledge there that I had placed my wallet on, and when I went to get it it wasn’t there. But there was a hole, opening behind that ledge, and so my wallet apparently had fallen down.”

“It was absolutely shocking when I learned about it. Just very surprising, but interesting.”

She figures she lost it when she was 16 or 17.

Now at 85, she’s looking forward to flipping through the pages of the past.

Staying on the East Coast firefighters in a Maryland community South of Baltimore are helping children access books during the pandemic.

They’re creating these little libraries out of old newspaper boxes and placing them around their county.

Kids can use the books inside for free.

Brian Holtslander is with the aaco fire department and explains the push behind the project.

“In a time when the world can get very small in this pandemic, when the four walls of your room kind of become your world, reading is just that much important.”

Firefighters have created about 20 libraries so far and they plan to make more.

Now jumping to the west coastwhere an 8 year old cancer survivor has broken the national record for the most girl scout cookies ever sold in one season.

Girl scouts couldn’t set up in front of stores this year so Lilly Bumpus set up a stand outside her own home.

Lilly’s troop held a special celebration, where her official total was revealed. More than 32-thousand boxes!

Lilly says she was just as surprised by the number as anyone.

“I thought, wow! I never knew I could do that. And it just meant so much to me to see all that, see that huge number. That’s like the biggest number I’ve ever seen.”

She collected more than 5-thousand donated boxes to be delivered to other children fighting cancer.

She says it’s her dream for any proceeds to go toward childhood cancer research.

A conservation success story for our national bird.

The American Bald Eagle population has more than quadrupled in the last 10 years.

Just a decade ago there were only 72-thousand individuals with 30-thousand breeding pairs.

The interior department contributes the success to conservation efforts and wildlife protection laws.

Bald Eagles are no longer considered an endangered species. But they’re still protected under federal laws.

From one animal to another and there’s a new Cadbury Bunny.

For the first time ever an amphibian is inheriting the bunny ears.

Betty the australian white’s tree frog will represent Cadbury this year.

She’ll also star in the clucking bunny commercial coming soon.

Betty’s already featured in a brief sneak peak at less than a year old she’s already a natural at the bunny hop.

Betty beat out 12-thousand other entries.


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