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ABC23 Feel Good Friday

It’s Friday, so let’s kick off the holiday weekend with some feel-good stories.

For many kids going to the doctor can be scary, but a new tool at a hospital in Omaha, Nebraska is helping prepare even the youngest patients.
This life size mock MRI is helping kids learn how it works and what it does before they get an MRI of their own. Most parents would prefer their child not be sedated for the imaging; therefore, this imitation allows kids to feel more confident.

“This gave us an opportunity for him to feel comfortable, see what was going to happen.”
Gloria Goodenberger: “It can really help them cope and sometimes even complete medical procedures with less or no sedation.”
Hospital staff also allow kids to take in Mr. Bear, just in case they’re still feeling a little nervous.

President Biden recently signed a new law about dogs and veterans requiring the Department of Veteran Affairs to provide service dogs and training to veterans with PTSD.
In Wisconsin, there’s already a hard-working therapy dog helping local vets.
Meet Shadow! A 3 and a half year old golden retriever and staff member at a veteran housing and recovery program.

“The purpose of a therapy dog is the companionship. A properly trained therapy dog can identify certain issues that a veteran is having. If you walk around the halls and see Shadow, sometimes he will just be laying down sleeping, and somehow, he just knows if a veteran is going through an issue. He will just hang out with that veteran, and the veteran will get release from that.”

Those around shadow, say he’s had an impact on nearly everyone he comes in contact with.

“He pulls me out of situations I have. I do have night terrors most of the night, flashbacks. Shadow pulls me out, keep me sane for the most part.”

“It helps to see a friendly face, keep you motivated. It’s just good to have him around for a friendship. We both go for a walk, and most of the time he be walking me.”

Our next story is of another furry little sweetheart.
Here’s Sumini. She’s a rare baby Sumatran Tiger.
The Dallas zoo welcomed her as the first tiger cub born there in more than 7 decades.
She was born on August second.
Sumini Is named after the leader of a group of female rangers who protect Sumatran tigers in Indonesia. As they are a critically endangered species.

And finally, we all love ice cream and now, even those up in orbit can enjoy the dairy treat!
Ice cream was one of the items that arrived at the International Space Station, as part of the latest cargo delivery mission.

That wraps it up for this week’s Feel Good Friday. Until next time, breathe, keep calm, and smile.

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