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ABC23 Feel Good Friday

It’s finally Friday so time to bring on the Feel Good Stories.

A Florida mother and daughter were reunited after she was kidnapped 14 years ago. Back in December of 2007 Angelica Salgado reported her 6 year old daughter, Jacqueline Hernandez, abducted from her home.
It took 14 years, a social media message, and a multi agency effort to reunite the two. On Monday, Clermont Police announced Salgado called the station to report she received a message from a woman identifying herself as Jacqueline indicating she was in Mexico and wanted to meet at border on September 10th. Detectives say documents provided by Salgado and Clermont police proved Jacqueline was indeed her now 19 year old daughter.

Staying in Florida two dreams coming true on the same day:
An auto repair shop owner in Florida won a 1 million dollar lottery on the same day that he and his wife opened their business. Brian Woodle said he picked up a 5 dollar Gold Rush Supreme scratch off ticket at a Circle K at the end of his first day of business. The 46 year old chose to take a one time payout of 880 thousand dollars.

We’re going to stay in the South for our next happy story where America’s oldest known World War II Veteran had a big birthday bash.
Lawrence Brooks, who was born in 1909, turned 112 years old Sunday. To celebrate the National World War II Museum arranged a birthday celebration for the New Orleans native.
Brooks and his family stayed on his front porch, while the museum staff delivered a cake and cards. The city of New Orleans also issued an official proclamation recognizing Brooks birthday.

Animal time! Some bears in Alaska ate like royalty following the Alaska State Fair.
Let’s explain. For over a decade, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage gives the leftover giant vegetables from the State Fair to the Brown Bears to dispose of something they happily take care of.
“The Alaska State Fair of course has all these fabulous vegetables that farmers have grown and competed with and at the end of the fair there’s a lot of vegetables.”
This year’s drop off of local produce was somewhere between 800 and 1000 pounds. It’s considered an enrichment activity for the bears and an exciting addition to their regular diet.

Now check out this cutie!!!
The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs has revealed the name of its new baby hippo.
The staff voted to name the baby, OMO. It’s the name of a river in Africa. OMO is now 200 pounds at 9 weeks old.

As we head into spooky season and if you like scary movies, there’s an opportunity you might be interested in. A finance company is looking to pay someone 3 hundred dollars to watch 13 scary movies.
Finance Buzz says it wants to know whether high budget horror movies are scarier than low budget offerings. So, it’s picking a person to watch more than a dozen horror films wearing a heart monitor. Applications are due October first.

And speaking of movies, excitement is brewing in Rhode Island as the movie set for Hocus Pocus 2 begins to go up. Crews are transforming a park in Providence County into a 1600 era movie set.
10 Weeks of work will be done for 2 nights of filming, likely starting the first week of October. Hocus Pocus 2 is a sequel to the 1993 Disney classic and will debut on Disney Plus in 2022.

Until next time, take some time for yourself appreciate the little things in life and remember to smile.

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