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Abc23 Feel Good Friday

It’s time for some feel good stories in this week’s Feel Good Friday.

One Massachusetts boy is teaching his own lessons of kindness before his school day even starts.

After breakfast 10 year old Michael Richardson goes outside and holds up his home made signs to send people passing by a positive message.

“To make people’s day good because it’s in the morning and then if you feel good in the morning, you’ll probably feel good for the rest of the day.”

People passing by telling the Richardsons they love every minute of Michael’s now regular routine.

It started out with him doing a few dance moves at the bus stop and he noticed the joy it brought others.

Then using his moms art supplies to make these signs of sincerity to wish others well.

A stranger, passing by posted on social media about how his sign was exactly what she needed that day.

“I’m like oh my gosh Michael I think this is about you he’s like that was me here’s my sign.”

“I like to make people happy.”

Michael was over the moon that his efforts were lasting for at least one person.


A little girl in Las Vegas named Lucy Forte is getting a second chance at life after being diagnosed with an extremely rare Liver Disease.

Recently, doctors told her parents a transplant would be her best chance to live.

The wait for organ donation can be a long one but after just 2 months on a waiting list a miracle.

Lucy’s mother Kim, a perfect match.

“l found out last week that I will be able to donate part of my liver to her. We’re extremely grateful that we were able to have this chance to save her life.”

Lucy and Kim will be having their surgeries next month in LA.


Following a tragedy a young boy got a surprise from his local polce.

5 Year old TJ Mack is a young victim of a house fire that left him with burns on 22 percent of his body and claimed the life of his mother.

This week TJ was picked to lead the Miami Police Department for a day.

They held a Breakfast to celebrate their new Chief

TJ was recently released from the hospital and he’s been undergoing surgeries and physical therapy since the tragedy.

“He loves helicopters, he loves cars, he loves policemen, he loves firemen, he loves it all…It brings joy to my heart because watching him every day, knowing his mom isn’t
here, trust me it hurts.”

His family says this meant a lot to TJ and it really helped to lift his spirits.


And as we are right around the corner from Halloween, I’m choosing to go festive for our last story.

In the town of Sleepy Hollow, New York more than 7000 Jack O’ Lanterns light up the night and recreate Washington Irving’s legendary Headless Horseman.

And yes, the town is where the story behind the legend of Sleepy Hollow was created.

“This is like a Halloween Capitol for the Country Right here We try to make it really immersive so it’s things beside you, above you, on the ground This is something that’s
really unique to this area. It’s the Heritage of Halloween.”

The great Jack O’Lantern Blaze runs through mid November.

Artists are continuously carving new pumpkins to keep the displays fresh for all to see.

The event attracted close to 200 thousand people in 2019.


Until next time, slow down enjoy the little things and remember smiles are contageous.

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