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Act 27 for Farmers

Agriculture remains the state’s top industry and this time of year has become a major calendar event for many farms.

Recently passed state legislation is helping farmers in avoiding possible legal issues.

Welcome to October and of course it is Fall Festival time with many communities and farms in our region having festivals. Were here at the Wasson Farm, just outside of State College. Their festival
schedule kicked off last weekend for farmers in particular festival provide an opportunity to make extra money and show case their goods along with another avenue to connect with the community

Fall Festival time is a busy time. At the Wasson Farm, the festivities began on small scale

“It started as a neighborhood picnic,one day in October,because we had some many neighbors within a mile or two of us,who had never been on a farm”

But with more folks visiting during festivals imagine hundred of people showing up at your workplace for farmers it can included added stress

“We like many family farms hope to get through the fall with nothing major happening because as we all know, accidents can happen”

With that in mind, Act 27 was approved by state lawmakers. Basically protecting farmers civil liability protection from mishaps on their farms due to circumstances beyond their control

“We’re thankful for this law because we believe it help more farmers get involved in agritourism activities”

The new law was approved after a statewide survey of farmers showed insurance and liability costs were among their top job related economic concerns

Here at the Wasson Farm, the Fall Festival continues this Weekend, and next weekend.

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