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After School Care Update

Students are back in the classroom and parents are back at work after many worked from home throughout the pandemic.

As Haleigh Dibetta reports that combination has been tough on some families.

When that final bell rings a lot of parents are still at work and as people try to get back on their feet financially paying for childcare isn’t an option but there are some free resources here in
Cambria County

When the school day ends the work day doesn’t which has put many families in a tough situation

“Parents now are struggling to be able to find a way to navigate going to work and have a safe place for their children to go where they know that they’re going to be cared for”

In Johnstown there is somewhere kids can go after school to be cared for for free the Flood City Youth Fitness Academy

“The main objective after school is tutoring so we have a virtual learning center which gives an opportunity for children to come in and be tutored on their actual homework the exact cirriculum from Greater Johnstown School District”

The Safe Haven After School Program goes beyond solving a math problem or help with a paper every child gets a free dinner and there are shuttle buses to bring them there and home

“The number one goal is keeping them safe, number one goal is education and number one goal is fun so i put them all number because when they come into the building they’re all one in the same”

Kids in the Coopersdale and Oakhurst neighborhoods also have access to the Learning Lamps free after school program

“Some of our families are working some of our families just have several children and so they need maybe some extra support maybe just to be able to give more individual help to each of their kids”

The program has homework help, free dinner and games but gives kids so much more

“Being able to have that positive role model after school is extremely important being able to have support outside of your home”

Both after school programs are now up and running you can find more information on their Facebook pages

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