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AG Tips on Mail-In Voting

After the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled mail in ballots that are not properly enclosed be rejected, the Attorney General wants to make sure your vote counts.

With concerns over the pandemic, more than 3 million people in the state are expected to cast their ballots by mail the first step is to request your ballot.

“Make your personal choices, fold it up, and then you put it in what’s called a secrecy envelope. It’s important to use the secrecy envelope because it keeps your ballot secret, as it should be, after that you sign the back of the outside envelope.”

Then to cast your vote, you can either mail it back or drop it off to a local dropbox under last weeks court order, if you do not submit the ballot properly, your vote could not be counted.

“You probably have heard some chatter about these naked ballots, and that’s a ballot that you don’t stick inside the secrecy envelope before you mail it back.”

This is the first time in Pennsylvania voters are able to cast mail in ballots for a presidential election-without having a reason for an absentee ballot.

“It has been done in other states for more than a decade and in fact you’re going to see tens of millions of people across the country vote by mail this time. It’s secure, it’s effective, and it’s another avenue for the people of Pennsylvania to participate in our democracy.”

The court ruling also allows ballots to be collected up to three days after the November 3rd election, as long as they are postmarked before the time polls close.

“You can track this every step of the way on the department of states website, to ensure that your ballot was received by your local county elections office.”

Shapiro says the most important thing, no matter how you vote in this years election, your vote will be counted and is important.

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