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Aikens Waives Arraignment

The man charged in the death of a Blair County corrections officer in November appeared in court Today where he waived his formal arraignment.

Christopher Aikens faces charges related to the murder of a law enforcement officer.

His court appearance comes about 2 months after police say Blair County corrections officer Rhonda Russell was killed by friendly fire after Aikens had disarmed her.

The shooting occurred at the Central Court Building November 17th where authorities said Russell had been left alone with several inmates including Aikens.

Earlier this week District Attorney Pete Weeks told us he’s frustrated with the lack of security measures at the Magesterial Jistrict Judges Buildings in the county.

President judge Elizabeth Doyle responded this afternoon saying in part

The statement that there is no security at any of the Magisterial District Judge Buildings throughout Blair County is not accurate.

Security at those buildings is provided routinely by physical bulletproof barriers

Camera coverage of all public spaces and the presence of law enforcement officers in criminal proceedings.

Any time any magisterial district judge feels they need increased security for any specific event it is supplied.


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