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Air Quality Concerns

Locally, the Wildfires are affecting the Air Quality in parts of the United States. That includes some Counties here in the Commonwealth. Dr. Mahrdad Ghaffari, Head of Pulmonology at UPMC Altoona, says the Canadian Wildfires are becoming a hazard to our air quality. Dr Ghaffari saying: “These are very fine particles. Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen that come to our area and that can be dangerous for people who have Lung Disease.”

He says this can impact those with respiratory issues, like asthma COPD or any heart condition. Dr. Ghaffari adding: “You may feel like your breathing isn’t good, you feel like you’re in the center of a big city and the air isn’t as good when you’re breathing.” Dr. Ghaffari says shortness of breath is the most common symptom of air quality impacting your health.

He recommends you to not go outside if you have respiratory issues but if you do be prepared with your inhaler. It’s also important to check the air quality index on your phone before heading outdoors. Dr Ghaffari saying: “The air quality index comes color coded the best is green as it gets more hazardous it turns red.”

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