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Altoona Freedom Rally

Despite these numbers a Freedom Rally was held Today in Blair County to protest mask mandates and the idea of forcing vaccinations.

This was the scene outside the Blair County Courthouse in Hollidaysburg where people chanted their messages with signs and flags.

They say that mask wearing and vaccinations should be a person’s choice and not mandated or forced.

“I know a lot of people who have been vaccinated that still want to stand for our freedom to choose. We should have the freedom to choose for our children, for ourselves, for our family. We’re not about saying you can not get vaccinated if you want to, you can not put a mask on. Your child if you want to, that’s your choice. We’re just saying we want that choice too.”

The group says they’re not anti-vaccine and some people at the rally were even vaccinated themselves they just want to make sure it stays a choice.

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