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Altoona Mans Bail Denied

Police say an Altoona man is behind bars after strangling a mother and her baby.

According to the Altoona Police Department, 36-year-old Jeremy Wyatt was arrested Dec. 11 on a slew of domestic violence charges.

They say Wyatt assaulted the woman over a five-hour period while holding her hostage inside her home.

During this time, police say Wyatt strangled the mother and her 7-month-old child.

The woman was only able to escape after Wyatt allowed her to use the shower, authorities say, and she left the home screaming for help wearing nothing but a towel.

Witnesses called 911 and, after officers arrived at the home, they say Wyatt tried to run away but was chased down and taken into custody after resisting arrest.

According to police, Wyatt was placed in a police cruiser and kicked the vehicle’s windows while he was in custody.

Once he arrived at the Altoona Police Department, authorities say he was put in a holding cell where he took off his clothes, defecated and smeared feces all over the walls and surveillance camera.

Wyatt faces charges related to aggravated assault, kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child, strangulation, escape and institutional vandalism, court records indicate.

He’s being held in the Blair County Prison after he was denied bail.

Police say the woman and her baby were taken to UPMC where they were treated for their injuries.

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