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Altoona Shooting Update

President Judge Elizabeth Doyle declared a joint trial for Owen Southerland, Logan Persing, and Omerado Davis to start on October 18th here at the Blair County Courthouse.

They will appear before the judge after being charged with first and second degree murder charges among other related charges connected with Pfrischings death on February 25 of 2020
in an Altoona alley.

According to police, Southerland, Persing, and Damien Green. The fourth teen involved, attempted to rob Pfirsching when the gun went off and hit Pfirsching in the head.

Police say they charged Damien Green with second degree murder, robbery, and conspiracy to commit robbery but those are currently on hold as he awaits to hear if the district attorneys
appeal to have him seen in adult court is granted.

If tried in juvenile court District Attorney Pete Weeks explained a few months ago that Green could be a free man when he turns 21, and thats something he wants to avoid.

But the three other teens, again, will begin their trial on October 18th, I reached out to the district attorneys office, and defense attorneys but have not heard back yet.

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