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Altoona Shots Fired Update

An update now to a story we first brought you last week following a shooting involving multiple teenagers in Altoona,

Sarah Metts has the details on where things stand right now after the scheduled first round of preliminary hearings Today. Sarah?

“Don’t think that “hey it’s just a 16-year-old kid” he’s not dangerous I can handle this myself because we have a lot of kids on the streets right now with guns.”

That is what Sgt. Plummer with the Altoona Police Department said just last week after 17-year-old Preston Weakland, was accused of firing a round at another group of teens in the area of 17th Street
and 7th Avenue. Police say he was with 16-year-olds Colin Brothers and Gage Harf.

Authorities say they are all facing multiple felony charges.

Also facing charges, 18-year-old William Kern, who is accused of illegally selling the firearm to Weakland and tampering with evidence, and 27-year-old Ailsa Ramcharan, who is accused of illegally
selling the gun to Kern and giving false information to police.

On Wednesday, Kern waived his preliminary hearing, in legal terms this does not mean he agrees with the charges or that he is guilty at this point he just agrees to move forward with the courts.

His formal araignment is now scheduled for July 30th.

According to court documents, Ramcharan and Brothers have continued preliminary hearings scheduled, hers on July 21st and his now on June 30th.

As for Weakland, his preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 28th. His attorney, Thomas Dickey, tells me, when he turned himself in last week, he pleaded not guilty.

Dickey also says that whatever evidence they have to use against Weakland he plans to quote fight the thing.

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