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Annual Amateur Boxing Event

WPAL is hosting their ninth annual amateur boxing event on June 19th at the DuBois Country Club.

This Summer Brawls event has 12 bouts scheduled with boxers from all over the region.

“Boxers coming in from West Virginia, Washington DC, and all through the western part of the state. We have the Pittsburgh national team which is the top ten ranked youth boxing team in the country,” said Aaron Beatty, Executive Director for WPAL DuBois.

Aaron Beatty said typically they host their annual Golden Gloves tournament in DuBois but it was cancelled last year due to COVID-19, “A lot of shutdowns, mandated regulations that came down from the state that told us we had to close down the week of our event last year.”

This will be one of the biggest events in DuBois since the statewide capacity restrictions have been lifted.

A bit of normalcy Beatty said this community needs.

“We’re excited, obviously we want everybody to still be safe and do their thing but I think everyone is just excited to get back out there and have fun,” he said.

With the motto “Always for the Kids,” Beatty said all proceeds go right back into the community.

As far as the mask mandate, he said he’ll leave that up to the DuBois Country Club, “I’m going to leave that up to the establishment here I think the governor still has some regulations when it comes to that.”

If you want to purchase a ticket for this event head to the Summer Brawls website.

For more information contact WPAL at or call (814) 299-7640.

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