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Annual Homeless Fight

Today, the Wolf administration announced the annual grant money to fight homelessness across our state. That includes Blair County. Douglas Braff spoke with some homeless
advocates, and he’s now live in Altoona with more.

Yes, those who work with homeless people say the pandemic has worsened the situation, especially in rural counties like this one. And this this money, it is critical for helping
localities and their assisting with homeless people.

Once Blair Co. signed the contract, it will receive nearly one hundred thousand dollars for its homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing initiatives

Well, money was the biggest hurdle to helping the homeless before the pandemic. Sergio Carmona from the Blair County Community Action Program tells me that’s changed at this
point in time,

“I think. Affordable housing is our biggest hurdle. So we’re seeing that there really isn’t enough housing stock in the area that they’re going to be able to afford beyond the
assistance that we provide.”

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