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Another Busy Day in Centre County

In Centre County another busy day of post election issues.

A host of voter related issues getting reviewed under the microscope,especially here in Pennsylvania. We saw that again today with another meeting of Centre County’s elections return board
everybody’s favorite question,when will election results be finalized. That depends on whether there’s a recount

“So by later this month,unless we have a recount”

Or whether the supreme court gets involved

“So we should know in a few days if they’re going to take up this case,of course they have until Nov 30th to make a decision”

At Friday’s meeting observers from campaigns and elsewhere with questions. One of them of course included vote tallying observers

“Observers were looking at every ballots that we reconstructed to put in the scanner”

Another hot issue what about mail in ballots postmarked by Tuesday but ,per state law,can be accepted until Today.

“Well sometime next week, we want to keep the court cases and other issues in perspective”

Close to 33 thousand mail in ballots processed here,also still to be resolved about 530 provisional ballots emergency ballots used on election day
county officials will continue to meet over the weekend. In fact on Saturday they’ll review those more than 500 provisional ballots,making sure voters who used them didn’t also vote elsewhere

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