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Another Gathering Size Change

Under Gov. Wolf’s recent mandate, superintendents I spoke with said they are excited to bring more fans into the stands for high school sports.

Prior to Governor Wolf’s recent mandate, only 25 people were allowed indoor and 250 people allowed outdoors for high school sports.

Dr. Brian Toth, Superintendent for the St. Mary’s Area School District said they gave their senior athletes, cheerleaders and band members two tickets each.

But starting Friday, at outdoor events he said they can open the stadium to 640 people.

“So after you take away all of the players and other folks, we can give every player, every band member, every cheerleader four tickets now to get in,” he said.

He said they won’t provide tickets for the visiting team as their main priority is taking care of home first.

“We understand the frustrations that our parents and fans have had in having to adjust as well but overall we want to keep everyone safe,” Dr. Toth said.

For indoor events at 20% capacity, Dr. Toth said they can have 240 people in their main gym.

An up and down ride for his district, he said he’s happy more fans can finally return to the stands.

“I’m glad that he is seeing Chelsea that we’ve opened up school and we have 1,800 of our 2,000 kids in the school everyday, I’m glad he’s seeing we did that successfully and I’m glad he’s opening up the venues because we can do that safe and successful as well,” he said.

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