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Another Somerset Co. Swimming Accident

Rescue crews were once again called Sunday to a Somerset County swimming hole that was the site of a drowning last week.

This time they were able to save the victim around 7:00 p.m. on Cottage Lane in Paint Township. Crews say someone slipped up by the nearby bridge and waterfall and went into the water.

Jeremiah Thompson, 20, drowned after he jumped from the waterfall at the same location last Sunday and didn’t resurface.

And it’s far from the first time the local swift water team said they’ve had to make rescues there. It’s why crews remind you to know your environment.

“When you go down to the edge of the riverbank, if not you can become a statistic,” said Scott Grahn, Somerset County Swift Water Rescue Team. “If he didn’t go to the other side of the river, he would have gotten sucked down into the falls and possibly we’d be discussing another fatality.”

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