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Arts Altoona Fundraiser

Many people have turned to Arts and Crafts to get through the Pandemic — and one local Arts Organization is making the most out of that. We have info on a new fundraiser Arts Altoona is hosting and how you can help.

Arts Altoona is selling “Paint the Town Arts Boxes” to help keep the arts alive in Central Pennsylvania. Days in quarantine can be as boring as watching paint dry, so Arts Altoona is giving people a way to curb that boredom while raising money at the same time.

Leah Klevan, Director of Community Relations at Arts Altoona adding: “It’s just really a create your own canvas work of art of a local landmark.” Local Landmarks include the Horseshoe Curve, Baker Mansion, Tom & Joe’s Diner, and the Hollidaysburg Courthouse. You just fill in these numbered spaces with its corresponding color to create a guided masterpiece. Klevan saying: “They’re $45 each. The kit comes with the canvas, two paint brushes, enough paint to fill in the whole image.”

The funds will benefit Arts Altoona — for Children and Adult Programming, Building Renovations, and Community Events. Klevan saying: “It’s a really cool relaxing, stress relieving activity to do. It’s kind of less pressure than just starting from scratch, right, and creating your own work of art from nothing. You have a guide but it’s still something that you create.”

To order one of these kits, visit

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