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Ash Wednesday Changes

With Tomorrow being Ash Wednesday and the pandemic still impacting our daily lives the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown says they have changed their methods while still offering their annual tradition.

Spokesperson with the diocese Tony Degol says that ashes will not be placed on the person’s forehead but instead ashes will be sprinkled on the heads of those who approach.

The priest at each parish will recite the prayer of blessing with holy water and then sprinkled with the ash on top of the head.

“The priest will cleanse his hands, put on a mask and begin distributing ashes to all who approach, or if someone is unable and they stay in their place, then he will come to them. This is very different than our normal procedure, but it’s obviously a safer way than the priest or minister touching all of those individuals.”

Officials say the method is traditional in Europe.

They say social distancing and other safety protocols will be in place as well.

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