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Author Spotlight: Peg Zortman

We’re shining our spotlight on Reynoldsville author Peggy Zortman.

Peggy Zortman is the author of two children’s books: Chase Reports: Tales from the Field and Chase Reports: Tale of the Biscuit Bush.

Peggy lives with her husband, Bill, Chase (their dog) and an assortment of other critters near her hometown of Reynoldsville, PA.

She retired from a career as a Human Resource Manger.

The Zortmans have traveled extensively on a motorcycle, visiting all the lower 48 states.

Inspiration for Peggy’s writing comes from the people, places and animals and events she has encountered near her home or in her travels.

She’s been writing since her mother made her write “Thank You” cards . . . she still does.

She has been a freelance writer for motorcycle magazines and local newspapers and has had articles printed in Good Old Days Magazine and most recently in The Watershed Journal.

Peggy had been writing short stories to entertain friends and family for many years but it wasn’t until she joined a writers group in nearby Brookville (Writers Block Party) that she found people with the knowhow, tools and willingness to help her put the stories together to be published in book form.

“I write to entertain. If I can make someone smile, or better yet laugh out loud, I will consider myself successful.”

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